Sparkle a New You | What is Sparkle?




What is Sparkle?

I just love words!  They have the power to build up and tear down.  So when Marcus Thornton Jersey
I chose “Sparkle a New You” for  my company, the meaning was very important to me.  The word “Sparkle” means to “perform well” as well as “to cause to become lively.” I want to perform well and I strongly desire my clients to perform well so they can reach their goals.  I want to help ignite the Spark in people!


I truly believe that everyone should have a coach in life. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had someone who was YOUR biggest fan? Who really listened to you? Who encouraged you, kept you focused and genuinely cared about your well being? How awesome would it be if there was someone to catch you BEFORE you fall?


Well that is exactly what I do as a your wellness coach.


I BELIEVE IN YOU!  I WILL Sparkle a New You!