Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

Celebrate Good TImes


Celebrate good times, come on!


One of my favorite songs is Kool and The Gang’s, Celebration! I remember dancing wildly (I do have some moves!) to it at my wedding 16 years ago and many weddings after that! I love to celebrate just about anything and I believe we as Americans DO celebrate everything! We will do anything to have a party. I have heard of 1/2 birthday parties, pet birthday parties, Oscar parties, 100 day of school parties, Dr. Seuss’s birthday parties, Going away parties, Cinco de Mayo etc..


I recently celebrated my daughter’s 5th birthday, you know that very cute red headed Hot Tamale girl from my last post. We went to the very popular and all ages establishment, Chuck E Cheese! It was an amazing time and I loved watching all the kids run around, play games, giggle, eat some pizza and some cake. Who knew the pizza at Chuck E Cheese was SO delectable! And yes, My Fitness Pal has all the nutrition info on it so I could add it to my tracker (ugh)!


This got me thinking of how many times a year we spend celebrating things like birthdays etc.. and how HARD it is when they ALL have highly indulgent, tempting foods and drinks around at all these festive occasions! Now, we have BIRTHDAY WEEKS and some of us (yes, me) have BIRTHDAY MONTHS so the fun continues long past the actual special day making staying in control even more difficult.


At any rate, as I looked over our year, it is crazy to think we spend over a third of it on celebrations! We really do! There are 108 days tied up in just weekends so then add holidays, anniversaries, retirement parties, baby showers, weddings, vacations, and it could go on and on! So, more like 150 days a year. Wow! And if you are like most people, weekends and parties can be extremely challenging as most of us go off track and get a bit carried away and out of control!  I always wished there was a weight loss plan that allowed you to eat whatever you wanted on the weekends as long as you kind of stayed on plan the 5 days during the week. But then Bud Dupree Youth Jersey
I realized, Aaron Nola Jersey
I DO THAT already and it’s not working for me! So how are we ever supposed to truly enjoy our celebrations and stay in control? Is it possible?!?


YES IT IS!! I am having the best time helping people do just that! Coaching my clients each week allows me to get them ready for the big game! Whether it’s a party or going out to eat on the weekends, together we rehearse so they can stay in control. They practice and make a plan, we implement strategies and get ready to have a victory on game day! And all the while-having FUN!


One of my recent clients said this after attending a children’s birthday party…

“Okay, so my next set of good news…Today I took my little boy to a birthday party at that newly remodeled bowling alley. The parents Julius Randle Jersey
put out a lot of delicious looking appetizers for the parents, including some amazing looking cookies. Also, pizza and cake were offered. Ugh!!! I just kept talking to parents, stayed away from the food table and stuffed my mouth full of chewing gum. I feel empowered that I was able to exercise will power. Yay, me!!”


I was super proud of my client for being able to resist the temptation. It was hard, but we all know there’s going to many, many more celebrations down the road. The more we can stay in control at these events, the better chance it will become a lifestyle.


We need to focus our attention on the fun and the people and less on the food. Sometimes a simple, “No Thank You” can actually work, try it. I bet your most favorite and treasured memories of a celebration DO NOT involve the food. I bet they are of something funny, crazy or heartwarming. As I have always said, mashed potatoes and gravy are not real memorable but playing a heated game of cards or singing karaoke can have lasting fun–way past the potatoes.


I’ll never forget my oldest brothers face when he walked into his 60th surprise birthday party. It was full of joy, love, and total shock. He was overwhelmed and my heart Jimmy Garoppolo Jersey
and Authentic Tyson Alualu Jersey
head are still full of treasured memories from that day and not so much the rigatoni!!

Jacynta surprised her brother for his birthday!

Our best examples of managing parties are from the children. Have you ever watched a child at a birthday party? All they want to do is play! Eating just gets in the way of playing and enjoying their friends and activity. They can walk away from delectable Publix birthday cake! I’m still working on that one! I really love cake but it surely makes my clothes shrink.


So, after my daughters party, as hard as it was, I walked the cake out to the garbage and said BYE!

Throw out the Junk!

That was a victory and I was in control!  Well, until the next celebration, which will be soon! There’s always a holiday my friends! How will you make your next special event memorable? Keep your focus on the right F-word…FUN!


Rock on peeps!

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