Thankful for Jennifer and Red Lights

Thankful for Jennifer and Red Lights

Thankful for Jennifer and Red Lights

We had the BEST time ever at our very first Sparkle event!

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Once a month, I reward my amazing clients with a fun night of learning, laughter and inspiration.

Everyone loved watching Chef Will prepare two tasty and healthy recipes before our very eyes.

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We tasted a yummy quinoa meat loaf and delectable date balls. I learned that you can actually sauté veggies without using oil. He showed us how to water sauté! So cool and a lot less calories!

One of my clients shared her success as a Dietbet winner and did an amazing job of letting us know the ins and outs of what a DietBet is all about!

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And…our most fabulous finale of this grand night, was none other than the lovely, Jennifer from this blog!

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Jennifer shared her weight journey of trials, tribulation and triumphs of losing 100lbs. It was so refreshing to hear how she presses on each week and how far she has come. Our favorite blogger has gone from couch potato to HOT potato! Her vibrant personality and quest to help others illuminated our event. She candidly mentioned that she would come home from a day of teaching and go straight to the couch and now she can proudly say that she did two half marathons!! I LOVE HER DETERMINATION!! WOW!!

As I talked with each client this week, they all said that Jennifer’s DON’T QUIT, NO MATTER WHAT attitude has sparked their motivation to keep on keeping on towards their goals. Jennifer and I both share the same common goal, to help inspire others before we expire. We agree that our aim in life is to be an encouragement and blessing to all we come on contact with. My admiration and respect for her simply cannot be Authentic Magic Johnson Jersey
measured! YOU RCOK JENNIFER, thanks for kicking off my clients and leaving your Sparkle!

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I am beyond thankful to God that you came into my life 5 years ago! Already excited to have you back at the next one!

Ok, so now your asking, “What’s with the title? Thankful for red lights?”

Well, this leads me to tell you of cool story of one my sparkle peeps. I love to make BIG deals out of small things. As I have been teaching my clients the little things DO matter and are quiet often the catalyst for life changing BIG successes.  The story is one you can probably relate to, I know I can.

My client is a mother and she spent the last couple days taking care of her very sick, throwing up, daughter. She was sleep deprived, stressed Corey Liuget Youth Jersey
out and just plain tired of being a round the clock nurse. Has this ever happened to you? Oh and did I mention her sweet daughter needed to get better ASAP as she was a lead performer in the upcoming school play!! YIKES!

The only way out was through…the drive through that is! This chick need some salty, tasty, hot, greasy McDonalds french fries NOW!

She knew that she even deserved it! She was a selfless doting mother who earned her some fries! She said, and I quote, “SCREW THIS!”

As she was getting ready to pull in for the crispy potatoes from heaven, with the Golden Arches now in sight, it happened, a red light! UGH! While she was Danny Woodhead Womens Jersey
patiently Authentic Randall Cunningham Jersey
waiting for that light to turn something amazing happened. She began to realize that she really did not want them and if she ate them she would spend countless hours regretting it. And dang, she has worked too hard to lose the 21lbs and was closing in on her next goal (Gosh, I have so been there, except mine is waffle fries!). Suddenly the light turned and she went on home!!


For the first time, my client was able to think it through and talk herself out of it! VICTORY and all because of a red light.

Needless to say, she is extremely thankful for that red light. It just gave her enough time to think. She even said that next time she won’t need a red light because she’s going to pass on by!!

That’s a BIG STINKIN’ DEAL in my book!!

Sparkle On Peeps!

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Jacynta Harb, Wellness Coaching

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