Top 6 Ways to Get Motivated and Stay Motivated

Top 6 Ways to Get Motivated and Stay Motivated

Top 6 Ways to Get Motivated and Stay Motivated

What is motivation? Motivation is like a fire burning inside of you.
Sometimes when things are going great, it is blazing! And other times it’s smoldering and you are not feeling good about yourself.
But it really never completely dies out and most times you just need a log added and then it comes back roaring!  So which “log” will put on your motivational fire today and Spark A New YOU!


Everyday say 1 positive affirming statement to yourself in the morning and at night. Positive Authentic Kyle Juszczyk Jersey
thoughts reap positive results.
For example, I will reach my goals. I am getting healthier every day. I look better in my clothes. I have more energy. People are noticing me and I am receiving compliments. My clothes are fitting better. My food choices are better.
And as I have always said, What you Tyron Smith Womens Jersey
think about, you bring out!


Knowing exactly why you are desiring a healthy lifestyle really aids in keeping focused for the long term. Do you want to be more active and fun with your children. Would you like to be the grandparent who can play tag with your current or future grandchildren? Do you want to get off medications or never have to be a patient.
Whatever it is, you just need to knows yours!
A strong internal WHY can keep your fire burning, make yours personal and meaningful. I knew someone who keep a pair of skinny jeans in the freezer as a reminder!


When your friends and family see how hard you are working, they will want to reach their own goals. What a wonderful way to keep you going on your journey. Our prime purpose in life is to help others. When we help and encourage others, we then become encouraged ourselves. A beautiful way to keep the fire burning!


Do you want to shop in your own closet? Are there clothes that you are dying to get back in or are there ones at the stores calling your Cornelius Lucas Womens Jersey
name and you really want to be in them and look amazing? Allow that desire to to push to go an extra 10 minutes on the treadmill or say NO to the dessert. Before you know it, you are that person who walks into that party and everyone says WOW, you look stunning!


I bet you have accomplished some pretty amazing things in your life. From going to college, raising children, having a career, being a caring friend, volunteering your time to help others, you are successful in other areas of your life. So use that as fuel to say I have accomplished … I can DO THIS too! And watch your fire get HOT!


Did you ever play sports? What made you get to practice? Well I am guessing if you were like most athletes you had a coach and team members waiting on you to show up and perform! I am a big believer on having a personal health coach. Each week they get you ready for the game, keep you focused, pumped and they are your biggest fan! And whether you were the BUG or the WINDSHIELD, a great coach always is right there to keep you stoked and get you ready for the next game.


Ok, so tell yourself right now that IT will be different this time around. Giving up will will be liking putting Eric Weddle Jersey
water on your fire and it will die out. We know that life B.W. Webb Jersey
will bring up setbacks and disappointments. However, we can turn those setbacks into comebacks when we stay motivated NO matter what happens. Keep going and you will REACH YOUR GOAL!


People often say that motivation doesn't last.  Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily.

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