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I am beyond excited that you have found my site! I
have been a professional in the weight loss industry
for the past 15 years. It has been my pleasure to
help hundreds of men, women and children lose
weight, get healthy and gain the confidence they
need to truly live their best lives! My desire is to
help others transform their lives by regaining their
health and begin to really feel good, look great and
enjoy life! My focus is to use private coaching to
reclaim your life and Sparkle a New You!








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The best thing about my journey is not the getting skinny part. (It is a huge bonus, though!) The best thing is all of the changes that have happened on the inside. With Jacynta’s never-ending support and guidance, I have become happier, more knowledgeable, more confident, more energetic, more focused, and healthier. Even though I lost 27 pounds and have kept it off for a year and a half, I now know that Sparkle a New You isn’t just about loosing weight. It’s about finding who you are and realizing that there is nothing you can’t do!

I’ve had short-term weight loss in the past by focusing on it briefly but put it right back on because I did not also change my thinking process — which is necessary if you want to change something important in your life … My wife saw Jacynta Harb’s Sparkle Wellness Coaching mentioned in the church bulletin and gently suggested I give it a try. I was one of four ‘Spartans’ (men), in our Monday night group. The number one factor is that you must commit to the goal — it can’t be half-hearted. If you are not willing to commit to the goal of weight loss, you are fooling yourself and unnecessarily punishing yourself by being on a diet. You will be miserable and hungry and will not stay on it. However, once you decide — and only you can decide — it actually becomes easy.

Sparkle a New You uses a unique approach to assist each client in reaching their own individual goals while still being part of a group. The one-on-one coaching meetings have helped me focus on things I’ve successfully implemented and set new action steps I need to take. The group sessions have helped me give and gain the support of others with similar struggles and goals. The group field trips and activities add a fun social aspect to the program that I enjoy. I can honestly say that each component of the program has contributed to my successfully losing 113 pounds!

Sparkle a New You has been wonderful for me. It has given me the structure and support that was needed to kickstart a new way of living — a healthier way of living. Jacynta is great. She is tough when she needs to be, but is also a great support and cheerleader for me. Over the last six months, I have lost more than 40 pounds. I have a new sense of self and a new excitement for daily life. I enjoy going out and not feeling self- conscious. I look forward to how I will continue to grow on the inside and shrink on the outside!

Sparkle a New You and Jacynta’s coaching have given me the strategies I need to live a healthy and fit lifestyle, loose those final 25 pounds, and keep them off FOREVER! Not only do my clothes fit better (I’ve gone from a size 16 to an 8.) but I’m becoming more confident and joyful. Thanks, Sparkle a New You!

Sparkle a New You and Jacynta Harb’s coaching have helped me to transform my life! Not only am I slimmer (size 18 to size 10) and wearing cute clothes, but I am confident. I have found my voice, am speaking up for my needs and wants, and saying NO to demands on my time that detract from what I really need to be my best self. Weight loss is a journey, and there have been stumbles but not stopping, not turning around, and certainly not quitting! Jacynta said, “Challenge yourself to change yourself.” I remember these words daily to motivate me and help me to have faith in myself.

My name is Allyson and I’ve been a Sparkle client since April of 2014. To date I have lost 67 pounds and I’m still on my journey to my goal. This year has brought great improvements in my fitness ability and I have completed four 5k’s and one 10k. I never would have tried this without great encouragement and guidance from Jacynta. Stay tuned… more weight loss to come!

With Jacynta’s and my wife, Marty’s, excellent help, encouragement and advice and through my serious determination, I successfully lost 40 lbs. over a 10-month period! I have maintained my weight for the past eight months. Not only am I’m now at my “college football playing weight” of 46 years ago, but also during my recent annual physical (no issues with blood pressure, cholesterol or blood sugar!), my doctor said I likely have added 10 years to my life expectancy. I have received recent compliments from many people who have noticed my weight loss and commented that I looked healthier and younger; some even asked if I had been sick! I wasn’t expecting this, but it is a good feeling to know I’m on-track with a much better life-style, and one I intend to keep with the continued help of Marty and Jacynta!

Where to begin…the day I walked into Jacynta’s Wellness class on August 3, 2018, was the beginning of an incredible and exciting journey. Jacynta was so welcoming and positive. She has given me tools to live my life healthy. I have lost 53.8 lbs with my goal weight in sight! My husband, Ray, has supported me through this journey and has lost 52 lbs. He even did the 10- Day Dr. Mark Hyman Detox with me (loving fresh veggies now!). I now exercise regularly, walk almost every weekday with a group of supportive women from my church and eat healthy, real food! I rarely go into my pantry anymore, since I am cooking and eating fresh food,  The participants and ambassadors in the class are now part of my wellness family. I highly recommend attending, it will change your life!

I started my one-on-one coaching with Jacynta in October 2017 and can honestly say it has changed my life.  What I wanted from our partnership was accountability, education, motivation and to correct my relationship with food.

Jacynta has a number of accountability tools ranging from daily food tracking and weekly weigh-ins on My Fitness Pal to monthly detailed goal setting.  Jacynta has educated me about nutrition and exercise.  She has encouraged me as I’ve made incremental changes for my health.  During our weekly meetings, she has helped me peel away the mental “scar tissue” and negative thoughts about past diet failures.

And she has cheered me on as I have lost almost 40 pounds.

But it’s important to realize that what Jacynta has given me cannot be measured in just weight loss.  She has given me confidence and hope that I can sustain a healthy lifestyle.  I have found freedom from the bondage of food.  And I am more active than I have been in years.

I look forward to continuing my partnership with Jacynta as I lose an additional 15 pounds and transition to her maintenance program.

Thank you, Jacynta!!

Over the past 19 years, I have had the joy of
helping hundreds of people transform their
lives by losing weight, now it is your turn.


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