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“A productive coaching relationship
begins with two people with fires in
their bellies; one who wants
desperately to move forward and
another who yearns to help that
person make the journey”

James Belasco


On One







one on one

wellness coaching

Wellness coaching is a powerful way to help
people get from where they are to where they
want to be. In my experience, making lasting
changes requires more than temporary fixes and
restrictions. My passion is helping each individual
get to the root of their challenges, and is breaking
through these barriers. We will do it by making
healthy lifestyle changes 1 choice at a time!

I can and will help you figure out what works for
your body, your mind, and your life. Coaching
ultimately works because you find the answers,
make the changes, and feel the results. As your
coach, I am there to guide you and empower you!


Why Would I
Need a Personal
Wellness Coach?

-Aren't happy with your weight.
-Need guidance on moving forward in career.
-Learn how to take advantage of strengths and talents.
-Don't know what to do about a major life decision.
-Need guidance on work-life balance.
-Are overstressed and overwhelmed.
-Have difficulty sticking with your goals.

There are a variety of reasons why people turn to
wellness coaches. For instance, you might consider
looking for a coach if you:

As your wellness coach, I will provide you with tools,
motivation and accountability to help you achieve
your wellness goals. Let’s face it, life is hard! Daily
we face stress, obstacles and and you need someone
who will help you stay focused on achieving personal
success! And if you do fall, I will be there to catch
BEFORE you fall and get you back on the road
to success!

I will show you the steps to take and give you
encouragement to reach goals through One on One


Individual, one
on one sessions
catered to you.

Together we
will develop
attainable goals
to help you live
your BEST life!

Our coaching
sessions will be
high energy,
positive and will
keep you
focused as well
as accountable.

I will be your
biggest fan and
will be there to
catch you

I want you to gain the confidence you’ve always wanted
and deserved!  You can’t afford to simply be a passenger
in your life.  I will show you how to take control and 

Why Would I
Need A
Wellness Coach?

Over the past 15 years, I have had the joy of helping
hundreds of people transform their lives by losing weight. I
was fortunate to have received awards as the top performer,
trainer and ambassador for a well know weight loss company.

Throughout my career, I have noticed that while being able
to help many succeed there were others who simply needed
more individualized attention to make the long lasting

My gift in life is to be able to encourage others to reach their
dreams and truly live the lives they always desired and
deserved. I have been on the other side and have come
through. My journey has not been easy, but it sure has been
worth it! After losing 33 pounds in 1999, I knew that I
wanted to give back to others. What I got back was a life
richly blessed with good health and a positive attitude.

My aspiration is that each client will feel empowered to
implement their plan and will feel in control, confident and
motivated to succeed. And all along the way, I will be in your
corner, cheering you on and giving your life the Sparkle


Schedule A Free
One On One
With Jacynta

Over the past 19 years, I have had the joy of
helping hundreds of people transform their
lives by losing weight, now it is your turn.


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